How to Dress and Feel Confident (The Curvy Girl Edition)

Confidence is all about attitude. When you can be confident, it shows in how you carry yourself and how you dress. It also shows in the way you interact with people. When dressing for your body type, it's important to remember that clothes don't make the person; they complete them. The right clothes can make you feel confident and beautiful. 

If you are a curvy girl, you might think that it’s not easy to find clothes that fit well. You might think most clothes aren’t flattering. But, there are many ways to dress and feel confident in your curves. Here are some tips on how to be confident and do just that:

1) Wear clothing in the correct size. 

This means not wearing something too tight or too big for your body type. Instead, wear something that fits well and flatters. Wearing clothing that does not fit well is uncomfortable and can also have a negative effect on your appearance. Clothing that is too tight will often distort your body shape and emphasize curves you might not want to highlight.

2) Choose clothes with patterns, prints, and textures.

Don't be afraid of patterns. A critical factor in creating a cohesive outfit is finding prints and textures that complement each other. A pattern can dominate an outfit or just provide an accent. The Nora Floral Smocked Tank Top proves that patterns can work for anyone in any season! Add in different textures like lace, leather, tulle, or velvet. You’ll create the perfect outfit for any occasion. 

3) Opt for fitted clothing over loose clothing.

This doesn't necessarily mean wearing tight-fitting clothes. Find something that accentuates your beautiful curves and makes you feel great about yourself. The Embry Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Top does just the job. It might seem like loose clothing would be more comfortable, but the truth is that it's not. The best type of clothing for your body is fitted, and it will make you look and feel better. Looseness doesn't consider the size and shape of your body like well-tailored pieces do. Layering can help if you just aren't ready to head out in something fitted just yet. This is where cute blazers and cardigans like the Curvy Lara Luxe Popcorn Cardigan come in. 

4) Who doesn't feel fabulous in heels?

The confidence and security of wearing heels make them such a popular accessory. Heels make a woman feel like she has more power and control over her body. This can be incredibly empowering for those considered curvy. Wearing heels makes you stand taller and look more confident in your skin, too. The extra height can even make you look leaner!

5) Don't be afraid of fashion trends; they are meant for everyone!

Fashion trends are not just for the few. Whether you're a high-fashion expert or someone who prefers to stay low-key, there is a trend for all types of people. In the last few years, there has been a lot of progress in this area. More brands offer clothes for curvy women, and their sizes are getting more diverse. It is easier to find clothes that match your body type and style at the moment.

The most crucial step to build confidence is understanding what works best for you. Find out what you feel the most comfortable wearing. Of course, the best thing you can wear—which you already own and have with you at all times—is your smile. Walk into any room with a smile and great posture and your confidence will shine through—in any outfit! 

The Curvy Collection by Liam & Co was designed to flatter and fit all shapes and sizes. A confident woman is the most attractive woman in the world. Why? Because she exudes her unique beauty and doesn't need to rely on anything else for validation.