Infant Loss Awareness Month

Owen Forever Smiles 

October is Infant Loss Awareness Month- A cause near and dear to our hearts.


The Story

Each year we support #OwenForeverSmiles in memory of baby Owen, who passed away after a far-to-brief stay of only six months with his family. 

As you can imagine, Owen's family was devastated.  After spending a year coping with the loss and sadness, Owen's parents were fortunate enough to have some friends offer some much needed optimism.  The friends encouraged coping through sharing the brightness of baby Owen's smile with acts of kindness for others.  With that, Owen Forever Smiles was born. 

Life can be difficult and seemingly unfair at times, but when we lean on each other, friends or strangers, we can help lighten the load.  Owen Forever Smiles is remembering Owen and all children who were innocently taken so soon and also about taking part in being all that can be good in this life.  

Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

We would like to encourage you to take a moment each day in the month of October and find a way to be kind and spread the smiles.  Whether big or small, any gesture will do. Some examples we have seen and heard are :

  • Calling your parents to wish them a good day
  • Send a card to a relative you haven't seen or spoken to in some time
  • Buy the coffee for the person behind you in line
  • Compliment a coworker or stranger
  • Mowing the lawn of your next door neighbor
  • Send flowers to your spouse/partner
  • Text a friend Good Morning
  • Wheel in your neighbors garbage can
  • Leave money and a note on a vending machine
  • Let someone go in front of you in line
  • Buy cold drinks (or hot) for construction workers near your commute

...and the example keep flooding in.  Kindness can be anywhere you are.

Our Support

Here at Liam & Co., we have taken it upon ourselves to spread kindness aligned with this movement: #LiamActsofKindness 

Throughout the month, we will be surprising our community, as well as our customers, with random acts of kindness! We hope to start a kindness chain, spread smiles and ask you get involved sharing with us on social media using #OwenForeverSmiles and #LiamActsofKindness.