Office Style: 4 Tips to Look Cute But Stay Comfy

With the rise of the modern office, we're seeing more and more people looking for ways to dress comfortably while still looking cute. According to a new survey by CareerBuilder, six out of ten Americans admit they wear the wrong clothes to work. The most common mistake is wearing too formal or too casual clothing for the occasion.

The clothes we wear to the office make a statement about who we are and what we do. The right outfit can make us feel confident, put together, and ready to take on our day. With that said, sometimes, the outfits for the office that work the best for us at work might not be as comfortable as we would like them to be. Looking cute but staying comfortable is hard!

But it's not impossible! Check out these tips for dressing for success:

A Pretty Top

If you don't feel like you look your best, it can be hard to put in the effort. You may feel like you're not as confident or that others might judge you. One of the most common ways to instantly uplift your mood is wearing a cute top. The Elisa Cuffed Sleeve Tunic checks all the boxes for must-have office outfits. It is both attractive and comfy, and it comes in many colors. Whether you are pairing it with a skirt, trousers, or even jeans for a night out after work, this top is soft enough to be able to wear all day and night long. 

A Coat or Cardigan 

Do you ever feel chilly in your office? We've all been there! There's nothing better than an oversized comfy sweater or a peacoat when it comes to staying warm. But when it comes to your workwear, sometimes wearing a sweater may not be appropriate - especially if you're wearing professional attire. If you're feeling chilly in the office, add a peacoat or something like an Annie Sweater Cardigan to your look, and you'll instantly feel warmer and more comfortable. The sophisticated style of these items makes them the perfect pieces to add to your office attire. 

Wear lighter or looser fabrics

If you're wearing something made out of wool or polyester all day long, you'll probably be pretty uncomfortable by the end of it. When choosing office outfit clothing materials, cotton is best for keeping you cool and dry. In addition to being comfortable, cotton is also one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available today. Some synthetic materials will wick away moisture, so they'll be more breathable than others too. The material that our clothes are made from can significantly impact how we feel throughout the day. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wearing high heels can be tough on your feet, not to mention your back. Consider opting for flats or sneakers instead to avoid injury. Adelia Mules are the perfect blend of class and comfort for office footwear. These flats easily slip on and have a flexible sole with a classic look. 

Office aesthetics have seen a significant evolution in the past few years. From that classic professional look to a more relaxed, comfortable style, companies now give employees the freedom to decide how they want to dress for work. Comfortable clothes will allow workers to feel less restricted and more relaxed. On the other hand, stylish clothes can help workers look more professional and presentable in front of clients or colleagues. The perfect outfit for the office should be both stylish and comfortable because this will allow employees to do their job optimally while looking great at the same time!

The best things to invest in are a few pieces that can be mixed and matched, so you don't have to spend too much time getting ready every morning. With that said, Liam & Co. can help you feel comfortable and confident at work, without spending a lot of time or money on fashion.