Out With The Cold, In With The Bold: Transitioning to Your Spring Wardrobe

a banner displaying spring clothes with jeans a shirt and light jacket

Ah, spring! The weather warms, the lawnmowers spout the smell of freshly cut grass, and the bees buzz happily through your newly grown sunflower garden. The days are marked with spring cleaning, minty cocktails, and relaxing evenings on the porch as we enjoy longer days drifting by. Next on our list is planning out some spring outfits, and there’s no need to hesitate! The beach days are right around the corner. Let’s dive in!

Essential Spring Wardrobe Tips for 2022

With each passing year, women receive more and more encouragement to wear whatever it is they desire. Whether it’s revealing, humble, or neon-colored, it’s welcome! As the freedom rises, the range of possible aesthetics gets wider all the time. Creative loungewear is taking center stage for this year, as joggers become our favorite way to hang around the house, hit the grocery store, or head out to dinner. 

Boho trends have been on the rise for years, and now we’re obsessed with loungewear. When you combine these common style approaches, you get an energy that is truly unbeatable. It feels a little like a comfortable flow in tandem with chic designs, alongside colorful patterns that remind us of the ‘60s. Spring style pics in polaroid form are bound to feel like mini flashbacks to the good ‘ol days. 

How to Slide Into Your Spring Style

First, take an easy-breezy Saturday to layout your main wardrobe. It’s time to put away the fuzzy sweaters! Oh, what’s that? Do you still need a few sweaters? Okay, okay – don’t ditch all the sweaters. You might still want one on a nice chilly evening, and hopefully, you’ll bring it home smelling like smooth bonfire smoke and your favorite perfume! Back to business. Take stock of what you’ve got in your spring-style arsenal, and start imagining outfits. 

Keep your spring jackets light and easy, and bonus points if they can easily tie around your waist. The weather can often shift from oh-so-warm one day, to not-so-nice the next. So yes, keep a few sweaters, and maybe even grab some new light threads to match the boho energy of the season. Keep in mind any events you have coming up, and plan to wear something that will suit the temperatures. Swap your fleece-lined leggings for ankle-cropped straight-leg pants, and your heavier flannels with light blouses. 

Styling for Days! 

As we continue to move away from the season of excessive layering, we’re left to spice up our outfits with simple accessories and neutral-colored belts, rather than our several undershirts and sweaters. Understated and simple accessories are steadily growing in popularity, and neutral tones are absolutely soaring to the top of the charts. Chunky beads for simple bracelets, classic dangling earrings, and faux leather accents are a few of the must-haves. 

Loose-fitting solid-colored dresses with simple belts to accent your figure are going to land you some serious style points. We’re also seeing a lot more of a new style, a ‘brami,’ which is a bra that doubles as a cami. High-waisted is staying high on our list, and ruffled waistlines or ankle lines are becoming a huge favorite. With the boho, comes the classic: flared jeans! These days, the fan favorites are high-waisted flares with some comfortable and well-designed rips at the knees. 

No matter who you are, or where you’re headed, these styles are sure to keep you up-to-date and chic with an adorable vibe. We’re sending you all the love as you drop into your spring outfits feeling refreshed, confident, and ready to tackle anything! 

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