Utah Business Features Liam & Co. Women in Business

Women In Business 

We've only just begun our conversation about what it means to be a women in business. It doesn't just mean, "I am a woman and I work in business." It means, "I am a woman and I am choosing to take a seat at the table."


Once absent from the board room, women's voices are now influencing governments, businesses, and communities. And that's important. It means there is another perspective we can draw from when making decisions. It means there is a a masculine and a feminine approach being considered when we determine how businesses should be run and what kind of benefits they should offer. It means we are creating a society that is well suited to the entirety of our state, not just a portion of it. 

That's why it's worth celebrating the women who are making a difference in the business they work for. Not only are they pioneering the way we do business in Utah, but they are also setting a standard for those who come after them. As role models to the next generation, these women are showing our state exactly what they're capable of, while lending their voices to the conversations that influence our communities. In this special section, several companies recognize a few of the women who are doing just that. 


Utah Business: Liam & Company

For sisters, Devyn and Landon, Liam and Company is a surprise whirlwind of business together. Originally, Ms. Sharp's undertaking with partner Ryan Wilson, Liam and Company, was a burgeoning women's retail business when it became evident Landon Healey had something to offer. With her sister on board to round out the company's trifecta of business concept, business development, and now the curated image and identity - Liam and Company was truly born and has taken off at an incredible pace. 

With a strong background in retail clothing, Ms. Sharp was a natural fit for starting a clothing company. She had the drive and the vision and brought on long time friend Mr. Wilson to help with the growth and operations. Ms. Healy brings the casual  brand identity; curating collections and coordinating photo shoots and locations. 

Their online shop, liamandcompany.com, grew by nearly 1300% last year alone, earning them Jane.com's 2018 award for fastest growing retailer, along with 2019 award Seller of the Year. To celebrate, the sister duo along with partner Mr. Wilson, have opened up a show room in their expanded warehouse and headquarters located in Ogden, Utah. 

"I wanted a place to shop that was fun, not boring, and not a chore. I wasn't finding that so we made our own," says Ms. Sharp. 

The success of Liam and Company speaks volumes about the choices they've made to set themselves apart form other online retailers. The clothes are uniquely styled, shopped, and perfected by the sister duo and then carefully curated into seasonal releases. The site is updated daily so there's always a solid collection of staple items alongside a good segment of new offerings to keep style fresh and on-trend, without breaking the budget. 

"We believe fashion should be fun, accessible and easy to enjoy." Ms. Healey offers. "We built the site to offer that experience and we're proud of not only our clothing but our online experience, order fulfillment, and overall customer satisfaction."

Liam and Company is committed to providing current, versatile, and above all, high-quality fashion for moms, working women, and gals who just want to pack little more fun in their wardrobe. This month features the rollout of their fall line and transition into winter. Shoppers can find their fun styles online at liamandcompany.com or stop in their new show room, complete with fitting rooms and private photo studio - in Ogden, Utah.