Why Bramis Are The Future

a girl wearing a brami

Fashion is an ever-evolving science, and there are no truly right answers or one-style-fits-all options. There have been a lot of changes over the last few years for a variety of different reasons, and it’s been a long time coming. Women's clothing trends have needed a huge rework for the last decade, at least. Brands have been forced to reimagine different styles as they approach a post-pandemic world with a sincerely elevated focus on comfort and versatility. 

Sacrificing comfort for great style is very quickly becoming a thing of the past. Let’s take a look at this awesome trend, the brami: a nice mashup of a bra and a cami. These tops are extremely comfortable and adaptable for pretty much any outfit you might want to wear them with. As word spreads about how unhealthy that pesky underwire can be for women’s bodies, they opt to go with softly padded bras or no bra at all. Whereas this would have been taboo in 2015, it has been normalized more than ever before. 

The Brami: Where Did it Come From?

A woman named Natalie Rogers designed the brami in 2019. It’s highly inclusive, stretchy, and typically comes in a wide range of sizes. She created it because she wanted to wear a fashionable top without a bra, but it was difficult to find exactly what she was looking for. Thus, the brami was born. It went viral on TikTok, and it’s slowly becoming a closet staple, just like the cami. 

The brami is great for keeping your neckline stylish without having to wear a pesky bra, which could potentially create lines you can see through your outfit. Just like panty lines, these can sometimes feel like they ruin an outfit, and not to mention, can be uncomfortable to wear. Too many layers shifting on one another can cause chaffing, and it’s just not a good look, sis. Enter the brami, which is a shirt, a bra, and a tank top, all in one, and it’s super sleek. 

The Brami Top is Here to Stay

Since we’re still loving those high-waisted styles, this look goes really well with bottoms that climb to your belly button. A huge style favorite is also the baggy collared shirt, and this combo gives way to one of our favorite pairings in general. When you’ve got an oversized button-up paired with a brami, you’re rocking a look that is both semi-professional and super comfortable. 

These genius pieces are definitely not heading anywhere anytime soon. They’re just as useful as a plain tank top, which everyone knows you need at least one of in white and black. The same is likely to become commonplace with this design as major retailers begin to catch the wave and try out their own version of the convenient style. It’s always interesting to watch these things happen – just when we think there can’t possibly be anything new to contribute to the world, someone creates something completely unique with a mashup of commonly-used concepts. 

A Welcome Addition to Everyday Women's Clothing!

We prioritize ease and reliability quite a lot. We want to be able to combine our outfits in as many ways as possible. That way, we can maximize the value we get out of the money we spend on our favorite pieces. When you have a piece that is super appealing, but it only goes with one blouse, or just one pair of pants, it can be a huge disappointment. It’s an expansive age in which we shop more mindfully than ever – so don’t hesitate to grab yourself a brami. If you get one from Liam & Co, don’t be afraid to tag us in your Insta post. We’d love to see how you rock this gorgeous new trend. 

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