Your Outfit Guide to Dress Comfy and Chic for Thanksgiving Dinner

Your Outfit Guide to Dress Comfy and Chic for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving celebrations vary from family to family. Whether yours celebrates with a traditional turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole or goes with a modern tofurkey or lamb, what you wear can have a large impact on how you feel.  

The perfect thanksgiving outfit combination punches up your favorite fall outfits to make sure everyone knows today is a special day. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to make sure your holiday outfit leaves plenty of breathing room even after you’ve gone back for seconds (or thirds).

Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving outfit ideas to help you figure out what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Keep it Classy with a Sweater Dress

Even if you have plans to fill your stomach to the brim with your family’s fine cooking, it is a holiday after all. Find yourself a comfy but cute sweater dress to make the day feel like a special occasion, without sacrificing your comfort. We love a casual checkered print dress to enjoy the fall fashion vibes, or you can dress up even farther with a velvet midi dress if your family adheres to a more elegant dress code.


Feel Secure with a High Waisted Pant

Thank goodness we’re out of the low-rise trend of early 2000s and women can rock the high waisted pant look with confidence. Pair high waisted jeans or slacks with a cute sweater top to feel nice and secure as you head back to the kitchen for round two.


Keep it Simple with a Sweater and a Fun Bottom

Turn your favorite around-the-house sweater into holiday attire by amping it up with cute accessories, like a drop necklace or a fun bracelet, and the right bottoms. A pair of fun, unique pants, like our pintuck pants or a denim skirt will certainly do the trick. Even just thinking about our drop shoulder sweater with our pintuck pants has us wanting to cozy up next to the fire (and fine, the dessert table) at Thanksgiving dinner.

Get Creative with your Coziness

There’s more to fall and winter outfits than a straight-forward sweater, though, don’t get us wrong, we clearly love a good oversized sweater to lounge in as the temperatures drop. Mix in a mock neck shirt for a classy basic and layer with a kimono or shawl, like our checked kimono, to stay warm and trendy. If you really want to have some fun, throw in a hat or a scarf to nail the look.


We hope you enjoy your time with your family or your chosen family and that you feel confident rocking comfy, classic looks for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving,

- L&C