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Fresh Fashion Starts Here

We absolutely adore shopping but once we had kids it started to feel monotonous and even boring.

We were looking for something fun, fresh and still sophisticated and we just weren't finding it. So we started our own company and we promise to be exactly that: fun, fresh, sophisticated.

We update our product line daily. Yep... DAILY. And we'll never let you down as the go-to source for keeping your wardrobe FRESH.

Closet boredome ends here!

How it Started

We started Liam & Co. because we wanted an easy way to shop great new styles as often as they change. We weren't finding that for ourselves so we made our own way.

Liam's was born from solving a need we had ourselves. We were sick of looking in the closet seeing the same old thing and not knowing where to look or go for something new and fun. The Liam & Co. product line is rich in variation, color and appeals to working women, stay at home moms and all the gals living lives like they take their coffee: hot & bold.

Our team spends countless hours staying on the forefront of fashion trends so you can trust that when you shop Liam & Co. you shop the freshest looks at the best prices.


We built an award winning fashion brand with a website to match. From Boho to Date Night, we update our styles daily to keep your wardrobe fresh and the compliments rolling in. Beating closet boredom with everyday finds and deals!

The people behind Liam & Co.

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