Reversible Swing Tank

The reversible swing tank keeps you cool in the summer without sacrificing your impeccable fashion sense.

A swing tank has all the things you already love about your tank top: a breathable, soft fabric and great mobility. A reversible swing tank gives you extra styling possibilities as you choose between a dainty v-neck or a sporty square neckline. Both flattering necklines will give you an extra touch of femininity.  Show off your curves, your shoulders, or elongate your long torso with this shapely, comfortable tank.

Rock the v-neck to a casual hangout or show off the square neckline underneath a cardigan at the office. Either way, you’ll enjoy a loose fit at the bottom, creating a flowy look and feel. 

How do you style a swing tank?

Swing Tank Versatility
The relaxed fit of this tank means it can create a look by itself or be styled effortlessly with some cute accessories.

Dress It Up
The tank can perfectly paired with a light cropped jacket. Try pairing a cropped leather jacket with the tank in Black or Fired Brick for an edgier nighttime look. Or pair the tank in Ash Rose with a cute pair of skinny jeans and a chelsea boot as you head out to a summer party. You can even throw on a pair of leggings with the tank for your workout. Or just enjoy a comfy day at home, guilt free. You can even play around with tucking the tank in at the front of your pants, whether that’s jeans or shorts.

Play around with a big belt to further accent your waistline and give the tank an even drapier look. When it comes to the final step of accessorizing, remember to work with the tank, not against it. A few shorter, thin necklaces layered together is perfect for the v-neck side. Keep the necklaces higher than the neckline for a cleaner, daintier look. Pair some longer necklaces with the square side to keep that elongating effect.

What do you wear under a swing tank?

If you want to avoid your bra straps showing, whether for your personal modesty or to follow the office rules, you can stick to a bandeau or strapless bra. But if you decide a bandeau just isn’t for you (and let’s face it, it’s not for everyone), opt for a fun lace bralette to peek out around the straps.

Finding the perfect lace bralette can be tricky. Look for one that compliments the shape of the swing tank’s neckline. Lucky for you, the reversible design of our swing tank means you have two neckline options.

Where can I wear a swing tank?

Versatility: The reversible swing tank is versatile, both in style and occasion. Dress it up with dress pants and a blazer for a business casual look. Pair booties and ripped jeans or shorts for a summer concert. A swing tank even makes a great addition to your athletic wardrobe, keeping up that airflow as you get your reps in. 

What is a tank top for women?

A tank top for women is a sleeveless shirt, usually made from a cotton or polyester blend. A tank top has a low cut neck and straps across the shoulders.

The design is usually simple. Without a collar, pockets, or any kind of buttons or fasteners, a tank top is an easy, comfortable option for the summer months. You can also layer it beneath sweaters or other shirts to make your look more comfortable, more modest, or warmer.

What do you wear under a tank top?

Polished Look. To create a polished look, opt for undergarments that have a seamless finish. Avoid undergarments with wires in them, bras with lace on the cup that will create a pattern on the tank top, or straps that show unintentionally.

Modest Look. To create a modest look, you can avoid showing a bra strap with a few easy options. You can wear a strapless bra or bandeau to guarantee you won’t see a strap, or you can spice it up with a colorful bandeau peeking out under your arms or at the top of the neckline. A t-shirt bra or racerback bra that fits your tank top’s cut is a comfortable choice. You can even opt for a stick-on bra to get the ultimate seamless look.

What is a women's cami?

A cami, or camisole, has spaghetti straps and sports a tighter fit. (See Liam and Co. Cami's HERE) A cami is great for layering underneath another shirt or dress, either soaking up some unwanted perspiration or giving a smoother finish. A cami is a highly versatile item for your wardrobe, just like a tank. It’ll add a bit of variety to your look as you play with which straps create the feel you’re going for.

Are tank tops supposed to be tight?

Tank tops certainly can have a tighter fit, although you want it to fit you well. Remember, if a piece of clothing doesn’t fit you right, trade in that item instead of trying to fix your body to fit it. Play to your strengths.

Use it to smooth curves and keep you dry
A tighter tank top can be a great look on anyone. You can use it underneath other clothing items to absorb any unwanted sweat and avoid sweat stains. It can give a smooth finish beneath a flowy dress, adding a layer of compression or smoothing over undergarment lines. It can also provide an extra layer to play with, whether it peaks out on the bottom or top of a sweater or provides a touch of modesty. 

Why are tank tops called tank tops?

Tank tops get their name from the beginnings of swimwear back in the 1920’s. Swimming recreationally (and fashionably) was a new concept, so the first beach and pool goers were the guinea pigs for swimming suits. Those first suits were called tank suits, named for the tank (or pool) you could swim in.

The suits were either one piece or two pieces connected by a white belt. For women, the top looks very similar to tank tops today- a scoop neck of varying styles and different length straps. Fortunately, tank tops now are often made from light, breathable materials and not the wool of the 1920’s. 

How do You Style a White Tank Top Outfit?

A white tank top is a must-have basic that can be dressed up or down for your look.

This ultra-neutral item is the key to a model-off-duty look that anyone can achieve. Keep it simple by tucking it into a pair of bootcut or boyfriend jeans. You can throw in a chunky belt to accentuate your waistline. Make sure to grab some sleek sunglasses, bold hoop earrings and a tiny purse for that effortless, just off-the-runway feel. Finish it off with some heeled boots or fun sneakers.

If you’re looking for a softer, more comfy look, throw on a soft buttoned sweater or cardigan over the tank. Keep the tank top tucked into a pair of high-waisted pants and accented by small jewelry above the neckline. This look pairs great with a pair of booties, especially chelsea booties.

For a professional look, tuck the tank top into a pair of nicer jeans or dress pants with any kind of belt. Coordinate that belt with some tasteful jewelry, a nice bag, and a pair of ballet flats. Throw on a blazer or a shaped cardigan for a warmer, more modest look.

You can even break up the infamous Canadian Tuxedo with a white tank top. You’ll be rocking cow-girl chic with denim shorts and a denim jacket. Perfect for a late night drive or road trip with friends. Go all out with a pair of cow-girl boots for some extra fun.

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