There’s Never Been a Better Time for Denim

Jeans. Some women live in them, while other women hate them. And the reason usually comes down to finding the proper fit. Yes, ladies, we are here to tell you that there are jeans today that fit every body type comfortably, and they can do it in a way that is flattering. So, read on to learn about the latest trends in denim, which are more inclusive than ever!

What are the Best Fitting Jeans for Ladies?

This is a really difficult question to answer. And the reason is simple: everyone is different. That is why we are so lucky that mom jeans are back in style. They are on trend and flattering to almost everyone. So, let’s explore mom jeans, plus some other popular denim styles that fit best on each female body type.

Cali KanCan Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

Like all things 1990s, mom jeans, once an object of ridicule, are bringing the “Friends” vibe back to the forefront after a 16-year hiatus. Along with fanny packs, gloss and scrunchies, they are part of a larger grunge-era revival trend.

So, what are mom jeans? They are high-waisted, ankle-length jeans with long zippers that are a more feminine form of the boyfriend denim silhouette. The pants got their nickname from a Tina Fey “Saturday Night Live” skit, circa 2003, that pointed out how middle-aged women rocked what was then considered a frumpy, off-trend style.

However, mom jeans came into their own in the 2010s and early 2020s as a quirky, comfortable alternative to skinny jeans. And they have a baggy, yet tapered, shape that flatters and fits almost all body types.

Catalina Button Fly Kancan

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the tightest at the ankle compared to the other styles, but women of all sizes can wear them, so don’t be put off by the moniker.

Since skinnies are usually constructed with stretchy denim, they easily fit all body types. However, here’s a hint: wear dark denim to hide prominent curves. This is especially true if you have larger hips. Lighter washes flatter athletic bodies and those with thicker abdominal areas. Try larger tops to distract from figure flaws and create a streamlined shape. These jeans can also add length to a petite body.

Boot Cut Jeans

These jeans do balloon a bit at the bottom, but they are nowhere near as extreme as flare jeans. They are a great fit for petite ladies. Why? As the name implies, you can easily rock a pair of high-heeled boots with them.

Boot cut jeans also flatter women with hourglass figures, or those who simply struggle with larger hips and wish to counteract them. Wider legs below the knees offset the hips and provide the look of balance.

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans, common in the 1990s, are really nothing more than duplicates of bell-bottoms, common in the late 1960s and 1970s. Their wide base complements gals with wider hips and hourglass-figured ladies by providing balance to their silhouettes. The look is more flattering to taller women because it may overwhelm a petite frame. Not to mention, they usually run long.

Straight Leg Jeans

These are weekend jeans. They are far less body-conscious and much more laid-back than skinny jeans, making them a fantastic choice for curvy and athletic ladies, as well as women with thicker mid-sections. The look is flattering, and the consistent, straight shape provides a lengthening illusion that downplays natural curves.

Mid-rise Jeans

The mid-rise waistline is typically well-fitting, no matter what your figure may be, as it provides some definition around the waist and mid-section that some women lack. It can also rein in fuller hips. Conversely, low-rise waists tend to exacerbate larger hips.

High-rise Jeans

High-rise jeans look best on the tiny waists of those with hourglass figures, but they also have the advantage of making everyone look thinner in the middle.

Boyfriend Jeans

With wider legs and a roomy fit, this is a silhouette that looks great on athletic bodies. It also works well to hide thickness in the stomach area. With a fit that varies, you can dress up boyfriend jeans that are made in a slimmer cut or just relax the day away in a roomier variety.

More on Mom Jeans

What Body Type Can Pull Off the Mom Jeans Look?

Mom jeans have been a favorite of designers, editors and influencers everywhere recently. But don’t think it’s not something you can pull off.

The great thing about mom jeans is that almost all body types look fantastic donning them, and as anyone covering fashion knows, this hardly ever happens. This is especially true for jeans, which can accentuate all your figure flaws if you’re not careful. That said, mom jeans flatter almost all women. They make curves appear a bit more subtle and provide the appearance of curves to those whose bodies have few or none.

Reese KanCan Mom JeansMom jeans are right for many shapes because they are adaptable. You can wear them in many different styles simply by experimenting with different sizes. Wearing them true-to-size delivers a look that’s snug in the hips and tapers a bit through the leg to the ankle. However, one size larger appears loose and casual. The one-size-up method offers more of a mid-rise fit and looks stylish with a wide belt and cuffed bottoms.

Plus, they are usually made from a softer denim than typical skinny or straight jeans, and this allows movement, yet the material is rigid enough to hold in a larger middle and bottom, and outstanding hips.

You may be asking what the difference is between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans? Well, they are quite similar, but still have a couple of differences. Mom jeans are more high-waisted, ankle-tapered and large-in-the-bottom area than boyfriend jeans. Mom jeans sit completely at the waist and not the hips. Now, while that means they shift the focus from your middle and hips to the backside, this is really good news if you are under-endowed in that area.

However, if you do not have a shapely or large bottom, you are still able to rock mom jeans by following these tips:

  • Look for jeans with “V” yokes that shape and round your bottom.
  • Define your waist by tucking in your shirt or wearing bodysuits.
  • Wear high heels to automatically lift your butt.

Conversely, if you believe you are too curvy or thick, you can definitely still pull off the mom jeans look. If you already have a round behind and shapely hips, high-waisted jeans are usually the most flattering cut for you.

What Goes Well with Mom Jeans?

Are you unsure of what you should wear with mom jeans? Well, it all depends on how you want to style them.

Pair a Crop Top

Wearing a crop top might seem to be a hit-or-miss proposition for many ladies, but all they need is a heavy dose of confidence and a trusty pair of high-waisted mom jeans to pull it off! The bottom of your shirt should gently touch the waistline of your jeans, leaving little to no chance of excess skin being exposed. That means you can comfortably rock the style regardless of your body shape.

Sweater Weather

Try a brightly-hued, chunky knit sweater over raw-hemmed mom jeans and complete the ode to autumn with matching ankle-length booties. Your footwear can match your sweater, or you can rock neutral booties. Either way, booties and mom jeans are always a cozy combination.

Make It Edgy

Make mom jeans a little less innocent by styling them with a colorful jacket over a super-cool graphic tee. This look works best with either distressed mom jeans or those in a solid black shade. Try it with mules or mid-calf boots.

Cute and Casual

Wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt tucked into the jeans to emphasize your waist. Top the look off with white canvas sneakers and a wide belt.

Prep It Up

Early '80s preppy throwback, anyone? Just add loafers, a crisp, white, button-down shirt and your choice of an oversized blazer or cardigan sweater in royal blue or maroon. This look is sophisticated, yet the jeans keep it cool and casual.

Add a Bodysuit

Bodysuits, an early ‘90s staple, are back and they are the perfect complement to your mom jeans. The silhouette is extremely slimming as the combination is known to streamline your figure.
Bodysuits with baggy mom jeans also cinch your waist. This is especially true if you add a belt.

What is the Most Flattering Style of Jeans?

Again, what is considered flattering is completely dependent on your body type and what you are trying to accomplish. Here is a list of specific body types and the styles that flatter each respectively.

Petite Frames

Many petite ladies have to cut the hems off every pair of jeans they buy, which makes for cute raw hems, but that is not always convenient.

Instead, stick to straight legs and pair them with heels, immediately elongating the legs. Try finding jeans with a vertical stripe pattern to create a lengthening optical illusion. Another eye trick is wearing wide-legged jeans that are snugger in the hips and thighs than in the calves. Also, try high-waisted jeans that provide length by placing the waist higher on the body.

Tall Frames

Taller women are skeptical about wearing the now-popular, high-waisted denim, because as we said earlier, it makes legs appear longer. So, look for a style that sits on the natural waistline (most don’t), and you will appear properly proportioned.

Also, you need to invest in a pair of wide-leg jeans. The idea is that the silhouette will add a fullness to your figure and give you some added curves.

A final tip: look for jeans with an inseam that is longer than the average 29 inches. Many taller women never think they can wear ankle jeans, but, with a longer inseam, the hem falls correctly, and the jeans actually look like pants and not shorts.


High-waisted jeans, such as boyfriend and mom jeans work to balance the body's contours. Straight legs and even boot cuts or retro-style flares even out wider hips. Skinny jeans, however, make them appear to protrude, so you should avoid them. Vintage ‘70s flares actually hold in the abdomen, as well. Choose a pair with a “V” style yoke to allow the rear to appear more rounded.

Remember, denim with a bit of stretch is the curvy girl’s secret weapon. You want the jeans to be fitted, so they don’t bunch, but you do not want jeggings, which will not flatter your shape. Try to find jeans that rest comfortably on your skin in the tightest areas.


The ideal jeans for the plus-sized woman will hug her curves without squeezing any excess weight into a dreaded muffin top. The best styles for these body types are high-rise jeans that fit on your natural waist, yet have a stretchy, slimming panel near the mid-section.

With a high-rise waist, you never have to worry about having a waist that is far too big on a pair of jeans that is otherwise too tight. A relaxed fit is flattering and it doesn’t have to appear sloppy. This is especially true if your jeans are fitted in the hip and thigh areas but are bulkier from the knees to the ankles.

Try such a style in jet black or any darker wash and finish it off with pointed-toed flats to appear thinner and taller.

Stretchy denim not only pushes in the abdomen, but it also lifts the behind, so finding jeans in this type of material is an added bonus!

Flat Bottom

Some ladies have the opposite issue of a curvy figure. If your bottom is completely flat, you need a pair of jeans that lifts it, but is still comfortable. Otherwise, you may find yourself covering your backside with unflattering, long tunics instead of shaking “what your mama gave ya” with confidence!

High-waisted jeans can lift the bottom and create the illusion of shape, but they work best with pockets that are placed in just the right spots. You should also be able to provide some definition to a flat rear end by choosing stretchy material that prevents the bottom from sagging in the wrong places. That said, avoid baggy styles that will not provide any definition to your backside.

What are the Most Comfortable Women’s Jeans?

This is a really hard question to nail down. The reason? It’s subjective and all comes down to personal preference. The key is to stay away from jeans that are too tight or too loose, or that are too long, short, stretchy or not stretchy enough. You need a happy medium all the way around to truly be comfortable.

So, while we can’t speak for every woman out there, here are some styles that are known for their coziness:

Cropped Mom Jeans

With plenty of space in the front and behind due to their high waists, and the ability to move effortlessly in their roomy legs, mom jeans wrote the book on comfort. That said, adding a cropped hem makes them the go-to denim for spring, summer and early autumn.

Distressed Straight Legs

Distressed jeans have an edge to them that makes them chic enough to wear on a night out. However, with a nice mid-high waist, you can smooth out any imperfections, while accentuating curves with a fit that is far from restrictive.

Skinny Jeans with Stretch

These are best for everyday wear, and the soft, stretchy material is sure to hug your curves and give enough added room to fit many different body types. This means they will fit around your hips and middle comfortably while pulling your tummy in, all in a non-constrictive way. They also don’t usually “bag-out” after multiple wears and washes like regular denim.
To keep them trendy, choose a pair in a popular medium wash with a cool raw hem to boot.

Demi-boot Jeans

A subtle take on the regular boot cut jean, demi-boots give just a hint of flare. This works well for you if absolutely love boots, but hate the feeling of tripping over your jeans all day long.

Cropped Flare Jeans

These are yet another take on the vintage flare style that makes it possible to get the look without worrying about excess length. These jeans are also perfect for summer when matched with a flowy top for some extra boho beauty!

Wide-leg Jeans

For the past few decades, the style has swayed back and forth from flares to skinnies, without a stop in between. However, in the late 2010s to early 2020s, wide legs became all the rage.

If you feel a bit confined by skinny jeans, you can sample a pair of wide-leg jeans in the same stretchy denim material. With this fit-all fabric, there is no gaping in the back, but there is a comfy fit over the hips, middle, bottom and thighs that isn’t super tight. And, with a high waist, they'll be snug up top while breezy and loose in the legs.

What Kind of Jeans Should I Wear with Boots?

Well, ladies, the answer to this question depends on the boots you’re wearing! For example, if you are wearing regular mid-calf boots for utilitarian purposes, meaning boots that you don’t want to show off, then boot-cut jeans are especially made for that purpose. They have a subtle flare so you can easily sneak a boot beneath them.

However, if you’re like most women, you probably want to display your boots for everyone to see. Usually, the best way to show off flashy boots of various lengths is to pair them with skinny jeans. Boots slide so easily over the fitted denim and match that body-fitting silhouette beautifully. The best boots to pair with skinny jeans are over-the-knee or thigh-high leather, but they can also be matched with shearling boots or slouching boots that are less formal.

Wide-leg jeans and mom jeans look really cute and feminine when paired with ankle-length booties in the winter. They bring out a fancier note in mostly casual denim. Try light-washed mom jeans with beige-colored booties and see how dressed-up they can look.

You can also switch up your typical wide-leg by trying different boots. For example, a hard, black, square-toed boot gives hints of the biker babe within, while delicate dress boots with stiletto heels in racy red brings the sexy to an otherwise casual pair of jeans.

In conclusion, there has never been a better time, as far as the different cuts, washes and styles of jeans. And, the icing on the cake is that they are all on trend at the same time! That means you can find something that looks great on you without worrying about whether or not it was recently seen catwalking across the runway. In other words, what is hot are jeans that are flattering—and everyone can get behind that.