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It's a new year, filled with hope and motivation.In 2020, we may have created some bad habits and fell off the horse (more than once). January looks shiny and bright to get back into our health groove. Whether you're working on physical or mental goals, we are cheering you on!

Today on Rise & Grind, we are sharing our picks for at home workout equipment under $100, spotlighting some of our favorite workout outfit trends for the new year, and sharing some mental workouts to add to your down time.

1. The Alder Wide Waistband Biker Shorts are our pick for any at home workout. The mid-length is perfect for biking, treadmills, yoga, or weights. The side pocket fits our phone too! $22

2. Our hands down favorite yoga mat is the Vegan Suede Yoga Mat made by PopFlex Active (Blogilates founder Cassey Ho's brand). A fashion guru herself, pilates YouTube Star Cassey, uses bright pops of color and gorgeous designs. But they aren't just pretty. These mats are no joke, super lightweight, while thick with anti-slip grip. The mat actually gets grippier as you get sweatier. It's magic. $59

3. The Power Ring by Bala is the cutest 10 pound weight we have ever seen! A combination of a kettlebell and a dumbbell, this unique shape is ideal for 75 unique exercises to increase strength, agility, endurance and balance. $85

4. If you're looking for your new favorite workout top, you're in luck. The Dove Racer Back Yoga Tank is everything we want in a gym tank: flattering, lightweight and comfortable. $38

5. We fell in love with TRX bands at our gym and were surprised at how EASY it is to do an at home version in any doorway! These bands are so effective for toning and a total body workout. They are so compact to store too! $99

6. While you're ordering The Power Ring by Bala, go ahead and add the Bala Bangles to your cart as well. These small but mighty weights can be worn on your wrist and ankles. We love them for adding a little extra umpf to household chores and to get the most out of our workouts. Available in 3 weights and a whole rainbow of colors (including rainbow!) $40-65

7. We love the mesh trend that is huge in activewear right now. The Indy Mesh Sneaker combines our love of easy slip ons and stretchy, comfy mesh. Futuristic fashion must have. $62

8. Voted best fabric bands from Shape magazine, the Arena Strength Fabric Booty Bands are a major upgrade from your typical bands. The fabric design doesn't roll or slide like the typical latex bands. These are a total game-changer. $43

9. A simple set of weights is an at-home gym staple and a great place to start. This set of colorful neoprene hand weights is budget-friendly and opens the door for so many workout options. Bonus: It comes with a nice little weight stand too. $49

10. A foam roller is a life-saver when it comes to warming up and post workout recovery. This super cute marble version from Love Sweat Fitness, is 2-in-1, with an inner soft roller or a harder outside version. Compact, cute, and easy to use. $29

2021 Activewear Trends Report:

Long Length Sports Bras

Thanks to the athleisure boom of 2020 (not mad about it), we are seeing the lines blurred between workout bras, crop tops, bralettes and workout tanks. We love the variety we are seeing with color, shape, length and support in the sports bra world. Layer them, wear them alone, the world is your oyster ladies.

Activewear Meets Fashion

We all want to look good while working out, but we're talking prints, fabrics and designs not typically seen at the gym. Watch for details in cuts, trim, necklines and patterns. Perfect for the fashionista looking to stay stylish no matter what she's doing.

The Matching Set

Matching sets are the solution for an easy and fast put together look. Watch for more variety in the matching set in 2021. Matching sports bras with pants, biker shorts with tops, joggers with tees and full tracksuits. Mix and match pieces will be huge in a set or where everything together for a streamlined look.

All-The-Time Activewear

One of the biggest trends for 2021 is the continuing dominance of athleisure. (Read our How To: From Workout to Athleisure guide here!) Comfort is key with the work-from-home still in play. Mixing loungewear, activewear and ready-to-wear pieces will be the norm. We know better in 2021, that we can look good and feel good at the same time.


"New Year, New You" may be the nudge you need to make some physical changes, but if your mental health is not up to par (who's isn't after the muck of 2020?) give yourself some slack. Instead, let's check in and give our exhausted mental space a little stretch.

  • Positive goal-setting - Instead of creating a space to fall, set yourself up for success. Try positive, yes-framed statements for goals. Instead of, "I won't eat a pint of ice cream before bed each night." try, "I will eat super fancy delicious ice cream one night a week."
  • Grace - Give yourself the space in your goals that not going backyards is actually going forwards. 
  • Get outdoors - The mental clarity from a mountain hike or even just a porch sit, can help clear out the mental cobwebs.
  • Listen to music - Music soothes the soul and mind. Choose something that will be compatible to your mood. Need a boost? Turn on some tunes that are uplifting, happy and dance-worthy (Suggestion: early Janet Jackson or Whitney Houston). Feeling overwhelmed or stressed try something soft and soothing (Try: Washed Out or some old Rat Pack classics).
  • Have a laugh - Nothing beats the feeling of a good, authentic belly laugh. Laughter has an amazing effect on mood, mindset and energy. Find a show, podcast or co-worker that gives you a good chuckle. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Take deep breaths - Deep breathing is a simple way to clear you mind and regain control of thoughts. Set a reminder on your phone for over-whelming times of your day to stop, breath and reset your mind.

Add & track these simple mental health workouts the same way as your physical workout routines. Make sure there are intentional times throughout your week when you add these into your schedule.

Check out our newest collection, No Excuses, filled with everything you need to crush your New Years goals! Workout sets, biker shorts, athleisure favorites and more. Happy January!  💪🏼