Rise & Grind - Take The Time

We love this time of year. It's a chance to reflect on the past year, assess goal progress, what do we want more of? Less of? Then begin to map out where we want the next year to take us. We see the best focus, results & intention when we take the time.

Today we are sharing three different subjects where taking the time paid off with big results - 1. A self-assessment checklist. 2. Our denim fit guide. 3. Checking in with loved ones. Where has it paid off for you when you took the time?


Jeans - some women live in them and others hate them. It's all about that fit. There are so many choices out there but choosing the perfect fit for your body and style can be done!

Take the time to learn a little more about the fits, your own body type and current styles and trends to find the perfect fit for you!

Find our Liam & Co. Denim Fit Guide here!

Having a hard time knowing where to start with your 2021 goals? We love this Life Assessment Checklist to see what areas we need to improve on for the new year. This list is based on 8 key areas of our lives. 2020 was rough, don't be too hard on yourself. Most people can't check off every single item, but it's a good reminder to take care of ourselves.

How did you do? What type of goals are you going to work on for 2021 from this assessment?

 Source: The Life Assessment Checklist by Johnny Webber - found here.

We have a unique opportunity to take the time to bond with our loved ones in a new way this year. With the holidays looking a little different, it's important to check in on those who won't be attending holiday get togethers or festivities. There are still many ways to enjoy the holidays together, share a little cheer and possibly have a more intimate connection than you would get attending the same yearly holiday get together.


Check-In on Loved Ones:

1. Send a Letter - If you're used to seeing your Grandma or a cross country friend around the holidays and that would be happening this year, send them a letter in the mail! There is nothing more exciting then getting a good old-fashioned letter in the mail. Pick some pretty stationary and make it really thoughtful. Don't look at it like you're writing an email or text message. Start a discussion, share a memory or tell a thoughtful story. You might just fall in love with the process and gain a year-long penpal.

2. Create New Traditions - This year is a great time to start something new. Pick a new tradition together. Even though you may be apart, doing the same thing at the same time can add a little extra cheer and feel special. It could be preparing the same family recipe on Christmas Eve, or watching the same family favorite movie on the same night. Get creative!

3. Create Together - Create something together over zoom. Paint, crochet, cook, puzzle, the options are limitless! Buy the same kit and do the exact same project or for a budget-friendly version, get creative with what you both have laying around! Compare pictures afterward. 

4. Call & Just Chat - Missing out on holiday functions can be lonely, especially if your loved on lives alone or has a limited social circle. Calling just to chat can go a long way. If you're worried about their mental health, here are some specific questions to check-in:

  1. How are you feeling today, really? Physically and mentally.
  2. What’s taking up most of your headspace right now?
  3. What was your last full meal, and have you been drinking enough water?
  4. How have you been sleeping?
  5. What have you been doing for exercise?
  6. What did you do today that made you feel good?
  7. What’s something you can do today that would be good for you?
  8. What’s something you’re looking forward to in the next few days?
  9. What’s something we can do together this week, even if we’re apart?
  10. What are you grateful for right now?

5. Play A Game - There are so many ways to play a fun game virtually. Through zoom, social media and other video game consoles. It's easier than ever to have connect and play without having to be in the same room together. Check out one of our favs, Jackbox Games, which specifically makes really fun games for a variety of digital platforms.

6. Surprise Gift - There is nothing like receiving a surprise package in the mail! Let your loved one know you are thinking about them by sending them something special that would bring a smile to their face. Try a favorite things box, a grocery delivery, a one time subscription box or something from your favorite online boutique.

 We hope you take the time this season, to enjoy this unique time of year and take care of yourself! Happy Holidays! 🎄